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Value of Pinterest

I’ve been very late to joining the Pinterest scene, while admittedly still lazily lagging behind on the use of applications like Twitter and Instagram. However, now that I’ve found Pinterest and began frequently using it, I must take a minute to rave about the value of this network. Any number of search words brings us copious images and even boards to follow that match the ideas we’re looking for, and consistently surprise us with similar, and often out-of-this-world ideas. Pinterest seems to be, for artists, an unpolluted resource of the most admirable modern and historical talent, and is constantly being updated with new content being added by its large user base. I am now subscribed to several boards and often searching a set list of tags to see what the world can present me for inspiration, even providing links to tutorials or series, talented photographers, lighting diagrams and before & after pictures to allow us a full appreciation for the work at hand. This website has made it fantastically easy to set up mood boards for projects, find tutorials, find inspiration and discover new artists, as well as keeping possibilities open for any number of other discoveries.


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