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Inspirational Photographers

I want to share some of my favourite photographers, who are my strongest inspirations in photography. A majority of my own images are influenced and inspired by elements of these three photographers, and some of my own practices while shooting are based on their advice.

Erik Johansson (

Erik is a phenomenally talented surrealist; he uses the camera as a medium to build his images into brilliant composites. Living in Berlin, Germany, he is a far away dream for potential internship and assistant work – however, I frequently study and admire his work, as his portfolio and business is exactly what I am striving to emulate here in Canada.

Sue Bryce (

Bryce is a glamour and beauty photographer in Australia, with a strong online presence from her brilliant portfolio and frequent CreativeLIVE appearances. I love natural light and extremely shallow depth of field, and Bryce has capitalized on those two things flawlessly. Working only with windows and reflector boards, she uses her extremely fast prime lens kit for lovely, soft lighting on all of her models. Her portfolio also leaves much to admire in her ability and determination to take absolutely any girl who walks into her studio and making her indistinguishable from the most stunning of models.

Vadim Stein (

A photographer from Russia, I know very little of Stein, but I’m deeply familiar with his work. When I first discovered one of his images I thought to myself that this photographer must have been either a sculptor or a lighting technician due to the statuesque quality of his portraits. Upon discovering his bio, it appears I was doubly correct. Stein consistently works with dancers and other athletic and flexible models, and uses his unique lighting style to create a portrait with the same majesty and reverence of a Greek God.


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